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Someone let the shelter dogs out - and it’s saving their lives!

The Ulti-mutt Adventure program pairs members of the community with shelter dogs for field trips. Outings can last from one hour to all day!

Why was Ulti-mutt Adventure made?

The Ulti-mutt Adventure program was created in order to help reduce kennel stress and provide dogs with enrichment and increased visibility.

Outings give the shelter valuable insight on how the dogs behave outside a shelter environment.


It’s also a great excuse to spend a day doing something new or exploring New Fairfield.

How it works:

Ulti-mutt Adventure is available 7 days a week with 2-4 dogs available to be checked out daily.

Dogs can be picked up between 9am-11am and must be brought back to the shelter by 4pm.

We ask that your adventure should be a minimum of 1 hour. (except in case of an emergency) 

Dogs who are eligible for adventures are listed on the bottom of this page.

Want ideas for your adventure? Check out our guide of locations that are Ulti-mutt Adventure approved!



  • Dog can only be walked by volunteers over the age of 18.

  • Dog leashes must be held securely.

  • Dog must be kept on a short leash at all times.

  • Never allow the shelter dog to be off-leash.

  • Do not allow any dogs to interact with shelter dog. (because of aggression or illness)

  • Dog must remain in harness and collar at all times.

  • Please view the presentation below before taking a dog on an adventure.

Sign Up

Ready for your Ulti-mutt Adventure?

Sign up using the button below!

Once submitted, please allow 24hrs for your application to be processed.

You will receive an email to set up an appointment for your adventure.

Dogs Eligible for Ulti-mutt Adventure

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