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Critter Creations

Welcome to our "Critter Creations" page—a haven of DIY joy where crafting and baking meet a deep love for our furry friends. Perfect for your pets at home or you can share the love with our shelter animals!

For Dogs

Click the links below for instructions!


No Sew Blankets

No sew fleece blankets for cat and dog cages are very easy to make.  The size needed for the cat cage is 18" x 24" and for the dog kennel bed, 24" x 36" and 36" x 40".   We can also use small 12" x 12" blankets for the baby kittens in our foster homes.  They need the warmth and they like the frilly edges!  You do not need to add stuffing.  These blankets wash well and are comfy for sleeping!

Baking Treats

 Please list ingredients on the bag when you bring them to the shelter.  Sometimes our animals may have food allergies.

For Dogs

For Cats

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