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Behavior & Training

Discover tips and resources to address common behavioral issues and create a positive environment for both you and your pet.

Please note this page does not serve as an endorsement or promotion of any specific organizations and simply reflects currently available resources.

National Resources


Virtual dog training, 1st week free and 10% discount

Best Friends - Pet Training Resources

Body language, training tips and enrichment

Dr. Sophia Yin Dog Behavior Issues

Videos and articles to better understand dog behavior problems or questions

Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Consult Directory

Search for certified trainers in your area

Cats International

Behavioral resources for cats


Dog, cat, equine care tips

The Jackson Galaxy Project

Cat behavior resource library

Local Resources & Training

Sundog Affirmative Dog Training

Christopher Rohland, CPDT-KA

"Positive Reinforcement, Positive Results"

Call: (203)748-7102


The Dog Tutor

Local Trainer

Call: (914)755-747


Cassio Pet Resort & Training Center

Boarding, grooming and training

Call: (203)426-2881


Petco Dog Training

Dog training at petco stores

North Star Canines

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training and Puppy Training

Call: (804)784-0120


TLC Dog Trainer

Local Trainer

Call: (203)241-4449


Sirius Positive Dog Training

Local trainer

Call: (203)788-7646


Wolfen1 Dog Training

Local trainer

Call: (203)788-6148


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