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Support for Other Species of Pets

Resources and information tailored to the unique care requirements of different animals.

Please note this page does not serve as an endorsement or promotion of any specific organizations and simply reflects currently available resources.

Wildlife Resources

The Wildlife-Line (Sherman)

White Tailed Fawns, Flying Squirrels, Grey Squirrels, Raccoons, Fox, Skunks, Ground hogs
Call: (860)355-5797

Department of Energey & Environmental Protection

State of CT DEEP

Call: (203)544-9913

Wildlife in Crisis (Weston)

Care and conservation center

Call: (203) 544-9913


Farm Animal Resources

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary

Provides a lifelong, loving home for farm animals rescued from abuse or neglect

Call: (845)742-5138

Abbotts Hill Farm & Rescue

home to a variety of rescued animals, who are loved, respected & part of our family.

Call: (475)444-3461


Fair View Farm

Farm animal sanctuary in Bridgewater CT

Call: (860)354-3249

CT  Department of Agriculture

State of CT regulations

Equine Resources

Humane Society- Horse Care 

Complete guide to horse care

HORSE of Connecticut

Rescue and rehabilitation for neglected horses
Call: (860)868-1960


Thoroughbred aftercare facility
Call: (845)855-1262

Bird Resources

Green Chimneys

Provides rescue, rehabilitation and continued care for injured, orphaned and distressed wildlife, primarily birds of prey.
Call: (845)279.2995

Assosciation of Avian Veterinarians - Resources

Bird Care Resources

Northeastern Avian Rescue

Rehabilitate and re-home abused, neglected and otherwise unwanted parrots and other exotic pet birds.

Call: (518)708-6091

Small Animal Resources

Everybunny Counts

Rabbit Rescue

Hopalong Hollow Rabbit Rescue

Rabbit Rescue

Call: (203)247-4661

Animal Medical Center of Corona - Resources

Small animal care resources

Rock N Rescue

Dog, cat and small animal rescue

Call: (585)746-4609


Connecticut Humane Society

Dog, cat and small animal rescue

Call: (800) 452-0114

Reptile Resources

Connecticut Reptile/Amphibian Rescue

Rehome and adoption site for reptiles

Turtle Haven

Turtle rehabilitation and resources

Call: (401) 316-2094


Connecticut Iguana Sanctuary

Iguana and other reptile resources


Animal Medical Center of Corona - Resources

Reptile care resources

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