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Many Dogs


NFSAW is committed to aiding pet owners in various aspects of responsible pet ownership. Covering topics like financial assistance, health, housing, and more, our resources aim to empower you with knowledge and support. Easily submit a Pet Assistance Request to schedule a call for personalized guidance. Explore our offerings and let's work together to ensure the well-being of your beloved pets.

Pet Assistance Program

Our Pet Assistance Program aims to offer compassionate assistance to pet owners facing challenges in retaining their pets or seeking alternatives to surrendering animals to shelters. Services provided by the program are intended to support responsible pet ownership and prevent unnecessary shelter intake through various means, including rehoming support, access to pet food and supplies, and counseling for owners facing difficulties.



Animal Care

Tailored for pet parents, offering essential tips on creating a loving environment. Discover the fundamentals to ensure a happy and healthy life for your furry friend.


Rehoming Your Pet

Guidance on responsible rehoming practices. Learn about home-to-home adoptions, connecting with potential adopters, and ensuring a smooth transition for your pet to a new loving home.


Medical Resources

Information on low-cost veterinary services, financial assistance programs, and tips on maintaining your pet's health. Ensure your pet receives the care they deserve with these valuable resources.


Behavior & Training

Discover tips and resources to address common behavioral issues and create a positive environment for both you and your pet.


Pet Supply Resources

Affordable food options to essential supplies, connect with local assistance programs to support your pet's well-being.


Hospice, Grief Support, & End of Life Services

Resources on hospice care, grief support services, and information on making your pet's final moments comfortable and filled with love.


Domestic Violence Assistance

Information on shelters that accommodate pets, ensuring the safety and well-being of both you and your furry companion.


Community Cats & Kittens

Guidance on humane population control, caring for feral cats, and finding resources for fostering and adopting kittens in need.


Pet-Friendly Housing

Tips on navigating rental agreements, understanding pet deposits, and locating pet-friendly housing options in your community.


Military Deployment Options & Assistance

Resources on pet care during deployment, connecting with foster networks, and ensuring your pet is well-cared-for while you serve.


Support for Other Species of Pets

Resources and information tailored to the unique care requirements of different animals.


Lost & Found Animals

Guidance on steps to take, resources for locating a missing pet, and tips for reuniting with your beloved companion.

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