Introducing Current Dog to New Dog






Successful introductions take time!

The length of time required to successfully integrate a new dog varies depending on the previous experiences of the animals involved. Some integrations may proceed faster or slower and integration is dependent on the personalities of the animals involved. Remember, you know your current dog best and you are only beginning to know your new dog. It helps if you tell the dogs what to do when integrating a new dog.


See “Guidelines for Bringing Home your New Dog” to prepare for additional information. The following guidelines should be done after all the family members have met the new dog.

Take a deep breath. Dogs can pick up on our feelings, so it is very important to keep calm and don’t rush interactions.


Don’t have the dogs meet face to face yet, but rather take them for a walk together. If you have multiple dogs, make sure each dog has a person handling them. Do not try to walk your new dog and your current dog together.


After the walk, keep the dogs on leash and do a proper introduction outside. Keep the leash loose with no tension. Make sure the area is food-free and toy-free. If you have multiple dogs, do separate introductions with your new dog. You do not want to overwhelm the new dog. Keep the introductions brief.


Put your current dog(s) in a separate room so you can give the new dog a tour of the house.



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