Sweet Pea




The Sweet Pea Fund


Beautiful Sweet Pea ~ Her Story


Sweet Pea came to us as a victim of neglect.  Upon arrival, we immediately knew that she lost all motor function in her back legs and was definitely in pain.  With being a 10-year Boxer, she just couldn't move without shaking and her spine was obviously compromised. She was the sweetest girl and after long hours at the vet,  she was on the road to recovery. Her medication was very expensive so we set up a special fund and thanks to so many who also met her, we were able to cover a large portion of her medication. Our girl has crossed rainbow bridge but her unconditional love has touched all who knew her.  She truly was an inspiration and we will remember her always.


So many of you have asked how you can continue to help in Sweet Pea's memory.  We will continue the Sweet Pea Fund for the other dogs and cats in our care who also have special needs.  


Please help us continue to help those in need! 


All dogs and all cats are very precious to us but once in a while there is one that tugs at our hearts just a little bit more...like Sweet Pea.






Sebastian, SJ, Foster!


Mama Merida!