Rehoming a dog or a cat

We know that it is hard to make the decision to surrender a pet.  This also is very hard on your pet, especially when going from a home to an animal shelter so this should be a last resort decision.  Before starting the process of surrendering or rehoming please check these resources.  If you are temporarily in need of pet care, pet food, or supplies please email us.  We may be able to provide supplies in the interim to help you and your pet.  

Apartment living is always an issue that comes up.  There are apartments that will allow pets and sometimes a landlord will make an exception.  

Rehoming a pet is the owner's responsibility and you should try your best to find a home for them.  Surrendering your pet to an animal shelter should the last resort.  


To help your pet through transition, we will first do a courtesy post on our Facebook page.  Placement from your home to a new home is always best.  Please email us to let us know why you need to rehome your pet, give a thorough description with traits, things they like, temperament, and if they had interaction with children and other pets.  Provide a LOT of photos with your pet so we can post with the description.  Rehoming is your responsibility and we will post a phone number for a potential owner to contact you directly.

Requirements if your dog needs to come to the shelter:

  • Complete our Relinquish form and return via email to  

  • Attach copies of current veterinary records.  All vaccines and Heartworm test must be current within the last 11 months and dog must be spayed or neutered.  Surrender requests without vet records will not be considered.  

  • We will not take an aggressive dog and/or a dog with a bite history.  

  • Once we have your form, if space allows, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for a temperament evaluation for your dog.  Please note:  If dog does not pass our temperament test, and we cannot intake him/her, we will try to offer you other options.


Surrender fee is $200. This fee is to help defray the cost of housing and re-homing the dog.

IMPORTANT:  Please do not bring your dog to the shelter prior to completing the following steps.  The State of Connecticut considers dogs as personal property; thus, they may not be left at our shelter without proper transfer of the legal rights to the animal.

Cat Surrenders

IMPORTANT:  Please do not bring your cat to the shelter prior to completing the following steps.  We often do not have space available immediately.

Please DO:

  • Provide copies of all vet records. Surrender requests without vet records will not be considered.  Please note:  You may be asked to provide proof that the cat has recently been tested for FIV and ringworm.

Please note: Completing the Surrender Application does not guarantee that we will take the cat you wish to surrender; it only assures that we will consider your application if we have space.  You will not receive a phone call or email unless we can consider your cat for intake.

Surrender fee is $100. This fee is to help defray the cost of housing and re-homing the cat.

Experiencing Cat Behavioral Problems? If you are experiencing a behavioral problem with your cat, please contact your veterinarian immediately to rule out any medical issues as the cause. If your veterinarian determines the problem is not health related, contact Cats International at 262-375-8852 (Milwaukee,Wisconsin) or They provide free feline behavior advice and have an incredible success rate!