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Thank you for your interest in becoming an NFSAW volunteer.  With COVID-19, our protocols have changed and we are not accepting new volunteers for in-shelter activities.  Only a small group of essential volunteers are allowed to interact with the animals at this time.

There are other activities that can be done off-site, in your own home.  These are activities that children can help with too.  The following is a list of those activities that help our animals while they are with us!


Make cat toys from items you may have in the house!  Check these websites for easy to follow instructions and multiple toys that our cats would love to play with!

15 Easy Toys to Make 

Easy Wand Toys 

T-shirt Toys

Sock Toys


Specifically for Kittens:

Kitten Sock Vest

Kicker Toy

No Sew Fleece Blankets for Cat and Dog Kennels:

No Sew Fleece Blankets for Cat and Dog Cages are very easy to make.  The size needed for the cat cage is 16" x 18" and for the dog kennel bed, 24" x 36" and 36" x 40".  You do not need to add stuffing.  These blankets wash well and are comfy for sleeping!  No Sew Blanket


There are lots of dog and cat cookie recipes online with easy to find ingredients in your home!  Dogs love peanut butter and the cookies can be any shape!  Please list ingredients on the bag when you bring them to the shelter.  Sometimes our dogs may have food allergies.   Click here for a dog peanut butter cookie recipe.     Some kitty cookie recipes are here.


Handmade toys for dogs is more of a challenge!  There is one toy that is easy to make and most dogs will not destroy it.  Here's a Fleece toy (or thick rope toy) that they love!  

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